Golf Arm Sleeves

Ian Triggs | Testimonial

"I find it cooling,

It's got a lovely lightness about them

Material is outstanding to wear

It is 50 UPF certified"


"We all need protection."

Golf Channel | Sun Protection Segment

"They have everything (sizes) so that when you are out in the sun that you are being safe"


"Make sure you keep the sun off as much as you can so you can be playing this game for a long time"


"Please cover up"

From Season Veterans to Grass roots

We provide innovative solution to sun protection that is both sustainable and achievable.

From tour players like Brittany Lincicome to our young developing athletes we have you Covered.

SParms | Proshop

Available for your proshop, have the number 1 sun protection brand available for your members!


Invite us to your local, major events

SParms | Personal Logo

Available for personal, club, organisation logos!

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