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Fashionable & Australian-made UV protective clothing

At SParms, we’ve proudly developed innovative sun safety solutions for every outdoors person with our sleek and sophisticated sun protection clothing. Whether you’re on the golf course or the rugby field, you can feel peace of mind while you’re spending the day in the sun with our sun protection clothing. Accredited with a UPF50+ by radiation protection body ARPANSA, our fabrics protect your skin from 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

High quality, high performance

If you know you’re going to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time, you must stay sun safe and invest in some form of UV protection clothing. Whether you’re out on a sports field, adventuring outdoors, going on long drives or even working at a drive-thru, our versatile range of sun protection clothing is suitable for low to high-intensity activities and everything in-between. This is because SParms utilises an original state-of-the-art fabric that incorporates moisture-wicking and quick-dry technologies to help you regulate your body temperature. Lightweight and breathable, our patented Italian fabric can be found across our entire range of UV protection clothing, keeping you cool and sun-safe all year round.

Find the piece that speaks to you

Designed for all types of outdoor sport and adventure, our sun protection clothing is ideal for workouts in the sun or weekend bushwalks. For full upper-body coverage,  explore our sun protection body collection which features lightweight, long sleeve shirts that are available in both round and high neck styles. Slip on a pair of our SParms arm sleeves or leg sleeves for more localised sun protection of your limbs. This range is available in an assortment of colours and is designed to feel like a second skin when worn under a sports jersey or hiking shorts.

We’ve got your shoulders covered too, with our shoulder wraps that pair perfectly with a sports crop or workout singlet. Ideal for a long day behind the wheel or on the golf course, our sun protection gloves protect the back part of your hand that always seems to get burnt. They’re thoughtfully crafted with a palmless design so you can still keep a firm grip on your golf club or steering wheel.

Elite athletes

Born from a desire to combat the dangerous impact of our country’s harsh climate, SParms’ Australian-made UV protective clothing is equally fashionable as it is effective. Extremely popular amongst elite athletes for its seamless design and high-tech fabric, you can see SParms worn by some of the world’s best professional cyclists, archers, cricket players, equestrians and members of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. When you shop our sun protection clothing collection, you can stock up and save, with free domestic shipping for orders over $69 and free international shipping over $149.

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