Sun Protection For Every Cyclist

It's estimated that cyclists are exposed to an hour's worth of sun for every 16 kilometres they pedal, making them extremely susceptible to skin cancer.

To keep cyclists protected from harsh UV rays, we've created a wide range of sun protection products so cyclists can go the distance without worrying about sun exposure.

Our innovative and sustainable designs are comfortable and adaptive, making us the best choice for cyclists everywhere.

The Best Apparel for Cycling


SParms is very proud to partner with the leading voice for community cycling in Queensland, Bicycles Queensland. Every day they are helping Queenslanders to cycle safety.


"I struggled to find a cycling brand of sunsleeves that fit properly. Most were unisex and didn't have sizes small enough for me, so I widened my search and found SParms! I am extremely happy with this product. They are cool in the breeze and keep me protected for long days on the bike. I would highly recommend this product."

Bridget Mallory

9 JAN 2018, 10:04

"I absolutely love these. Having had a melanoma, I'm extremely conscious of sun damage. I use these for cycling. They obviously protect my arms but also provide me with confidence to actually go outdoors when the UV index is up. They keep my arms cool in summer. The breath-ability is outstanding, I never get hot in summer, which with other brands I was, particularly on a long climb on the bike with little airflow. I also find when people do ask about them, the ensuing conversation regarding sun exposure etc is very enlightening for them! Great product, well done."


17 MAY 2018, 02:35

"I have tried many types of sun protection sleeves whilst cycling. I have used these for over 12 months now and they have provided great sun protection without being too hot. You don't really know you have them on as they are super light but effective.
I would recommend these to anyone who requires their arms to be protected against the harsh Australian sun."

John Dougherty

28 SEP 2019, 06:01

Go the distance with the best sun protection apparel