SP Face Mask V1

SP V1 Mask is SParms’ original reusable Cotton Copper face mask -SP V1 Mask is infused with copper lining adding to the protective sophistication of the mask. 

It was designed to be suitable for the everyday person for everyday activities. 

The V1 face mask features 2 layers which was thoughtfully considered to consist of a soft hypo allergenic 100% cotton with a special copper infused anti-bacterial hi-tech performance. 

The V1 face mask is available in 4 colours and 3 sizes to suit most faces. 

The cotton outer layer provides a very relaxed yet sophisticated look that blends in well with corporate wear, formal wear or every day casual wear. 

SP Reusable Cotton Copper Facemask (V1)
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Black reusable Face mask SP Reusable Cotton Copper Face Mask (V1) - SParms
Kids Reusable Cotton Copper Facemask (V1)
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