Sun gloves: do I really need them?

Sun gloves: do I really need them?

From UPF50+ swimwear to sun sleeves, shirts to face shields, Aussies are finally adopting the most effective (and the simplest) way to protect themselves from sun damage.

Despite this positive progress though, we often forget one area of our bodies; one that’s constantly exposed to damaging UV rays. We use our hands every day, in every situation, and yet often forget to ask, “do I need sun gloves?”.

The answer is a resounding YES! Whether you’re playing sports, driving cars, pushing prams, hanging washing or just enjoying a day outdoors, your hands are exposed to potential harm all throughout the day.

Higher hand-washing rates are exacerbating the issue, as we soap and sanitise away any sunscreens we may apply.

Of course, when we think about sun protection, we instinctively think about skin cancer. While skin cancer is a devastating problem in Australia, our hands are also prone to other forms of irreversible damage.

Sun gloves are a fuss-free solution that are growing in popularity as more people realise the enormous benefits.


Benefit 1: Reducing skin cancer risk

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the three main types of skin cancer, and our hands are particularly vulnerable to all three due to constant exposure to sunlight.

In fact, our hands are one of the top five sites on our body for developing these potentially life-threatening lesions. Yet, unlike our face, scalp, ears and neck, which generally receive lashings of protective sunscreen, our hands go largely unprotected.

While pale complexions are most at risk, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can affect almost anyone. When it comes to sun safety, more is always better! Sun protection gloves are small enough to store in a school bag, handbag, glovebox or laundry for easy access at any time of day, and can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer on our hands.


Benefit 2: Taking the itch out of eczema

Many people with eczema and dermatitis will tell you exposure to the sun irritates their skin. For many, the drying effect can wreak havoc on the skin’s already-compromised barrier, leading to itch and pain.

The hands are a common site of eczema, as the skin in this area is exposed to daily washing, chemicals, sunlight and physical labour. When exposed to sunlight, the heat can heighten the irritation as it warms, dries and (in worst case scenarios) blisters the skin.

Some people even experience a particular type of eczema – known as photosensitive dermatitis – that is believed to be physically triggered by the reaction between sunlight and the electromagnetic spectrum of sunlight.

By providing a physical barrier, sun gloves significantly reduce or negate the irritation to this common eczema area, instead providing comfort and enjoyment during time spent outdoors.

Benefit 3: Easing the ache of arthritis

Arthritis is an incurable but treatable condition. Unfortunately for Australians living in our sunburnt land, the chronic inflammation and joint pain can be worsened by sunlight!

Like eczema, arthritis is commonly experienced in the hands due to the high percentage of joints and ligaments. Because this area is so often uncovered, the UV exposure can have a very negative impact. Sun sensitivity can be increased by medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus and osteoarthritis.

Sun gloves can provide a welcome reprieve from pain and increased skin cancer risk for those with arthritis. The fact they are so simple and effective makes them the best way to shield the hands from unnecessary trauma!

Benefit 4: Preventing premature aging

No matter how tenaciously you care for your face and decolletage, the hands are a tell-tale sign of age! Sun exposure is linked to premature aging as it breaks down the collagen and elasticity of the skin, leading to lax skin and wrinkles. Blemishes further compound the issue.

Sun gloves can help prevent early aging and can be part of your skin routine.

Benefit 5: Supporting sportspeople

If you enjoy sports such as bike riding, hiking, cycling, golfing and swimming, your hands are at extra risk. Sun gloves are an effective, comfortable and practical tool to add to the sports bag for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Thanks to lightweight fabrications, SParms’ gloves feature the same cooling effects, moisture wicking and breathability as our range of shirts and sleeves, and their clever design means they won’t hinder your game.

Leaving the palms and fingers free to move as usual, the gloves are barely detectable and can even be worn in water. The only thing that the gloves will interrupt is the your exposure to damaging rays.

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