Is Sunscreen Safe For Babies and Children?

Is Sunscreen Safe For Babies and Children?

Many parents are concerned about what the best sunscreen for children is. The best sunscreen for babies and children would be one that is safe, effective, and liked by kids of all ages (so they don’t try to rub it off)

Another factor we should consider is how safe it is for our children. Many sunscreens contain what we call chemical filters that are easily absorbed into the skin or ingested by infants and children as they are applied to the face. Certain chemical UV filters such as titanium dioxide have already been banned in the EU by the European Food Safety Authority as a food additive after concluding that a concern for genotoxicity cannot be ruled out.

But there is no need to fear! Zinc based chemical free sunscreens are becoming more widely available and provide safe, effective protection from a broad spectrum of UV rays while keeping your little ones safe. Zinc has the added benefit of promoting wound healing, boosting the immune system and regenerating skin. Many popular infant soothing creams contain zinc oxide and have been safely used for generations to soothe nappy rash and other skin conditions.

So yes, there are some safe options out there for babies and children that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Make sure to read the label and choose a chemical free, zinc oxide sunscreen when you’re next out shopping for one.

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