Golfers prefer arm sleeves over long sleeves, and you should too

Golfers prefer arm sleeves over long sleeves, and you should too

Golfers tend to have a lot of quirks and habits that they swear by when they’re on the course. But one thing most golfers have in common is a preference for arm sleeves over long-sleeved shirts. So, why is that? 

Golf is both a physical and psychological sport, and many golfers find themselves off their game if conditions aren’t just right. Arm sleeves are a fantastic way to improve performance, protect the skin, and keep the mind laser-focused during a golf match, which is why you’ll notice so many pro golfers wearing them on tour.

Here’s why golfers prefer to wear arm sleeves, rather than long sleeves, when they’re teeing off – and why you should, too.


  1. 90% UV protection

Did you know that sunburn can occur after just 11 minutes of sun exposure on a warm day? Most people don’t realise it can happen so quickly, and this lack of awareness could be deadly, especially for men.

Aussie males are 2.5 times more likely than women to die from melanoma, and golfers are at increased risk of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers due to the length of time they spend outdoors during peak UV periods. 

Teeing off in the sunshine between the hours of 10am and 4pm might be a fun way to spend your weekends, but it’s not so fun for your skin.

Long-term sun exposure also changes the appearance of the skin, by depleting collagen and elasticity and causing redness and dark spots. Golfers who are keen to preserve their largest organ prefer to cover up with arm sleeves to avoid letting UV become their greatest handicap.

When you purchase a pair of SParms golf sleeves, you’re also supporting ongoing melanoma research, and the fight to find a cure for this silent killer.


  1. Greater freedom of movement

Perfecting their swing is the key to a golfer’s success, and long-sleeved tops can really get in the way of this. That’s why you’ll see most golfers wearing short-sleeve tees that don’t restrict their shoulder or upper back movement. This may be great for their game, but unfortunately, short-sleeve tops leave the golfer vulnerable to skin damage from UV radiation.

Golf arm sleeves are the perfect solution to this dilemma. Made from flexible polyamide and polyurethane, arm sleeves give you UVP50+ protection and won’t inhibit your swing like a long-sleeve top. You’ll feel looser and more comfortable, which will help you keep your mind in the game and keep your shots under par.


  1. Convenience

A game of golf can often be an all-day affair, which means you’re vulnerable to changing weather conditions. Rather than packing several different shirts to change into if required, many golfers prefer to have a pair of arm sleeves in their bag.

These can easily be slipped on or off while you’re out on the course – no need to head back to the change rooms to switch tops.

Another benefit of arm sleeves is that they can be worn several times before they need to be washed. As they don’t come into contact with the underarm, they don’t get sweaty or soiled in the way long-sleeved top would do, and they won’t become smelly.

Should your arm sleeves get a little grubby they can easily be handwashed and dry quickly, making golf sleeves a much more convenient option.


  1. Improved grip

Sweat-free hands are a must for a good golf grip – the last thing you want is to slip up on the final hole and throw your game. Golf sleeves wick away moisture from your forearms, which helps to keep your hands dry and your grip tight.

Another benefit of golf sleeves is that you won’t need to lather your arms in sticky sunscreen, because you’ll have your UVA and UVB protection covered. This means no greasy residue on your clubs, and no need to reapply throughout the day. Just pop your sleeves on and you’re good to go until you get back to the club rooms at the end of your game.

You can also use palmless UV protectant gloves to protect your hands from sun damage without interfering with your swing.


  1. Temperature regulation

When you check the weather forecast on game day, 28 degrees Celsius sounds ideal for a relaxing day of golf, right? But it’s a different story when you’ve been standing in the sun for hours!

Golf sleeves are a fantastic option to keep your arms cool on those sunny days. By wicking moisture away from your skin, SParms versatile arm sleeves help your body temperature stay regulated, which can in turn improve your endurance and performance – and your handicap.

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