5 ways sun protection clothing is devoted to protecting you

5 ways sun protection clothing is devoted to protecting you

UPF 50+ clothing has been proven to be the best way to protect your defenceless skin – and largest organ – from the sun’s damaging rays. Here are 5 ways sun protective clothing protects you from more than just a sunburn.

  1. UPF-wear provides reliable protection

Quality UPF 50+ clothing (such as arm sleeves and t-shirts) protects your skin from up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays for as long as the clothes are on. Unlike sunscreen, which can wash off, wear off or be unevenly applied, quality sun protection fabrics deliver unbeatable defence, shielding you from exposure to skin damage that causes premature aging and risk of skin cancer. You won’t ever need to reapply anything; just get on with your time outdoors, knowing that your skin is as safe as possible.

You may think you can achieve similar protection by selecting a long-sleeved shirt from your current wardrobe, but extensive research shows that a regular cotton shirt provides as little protection as an SPF 5 rating. So, living in a country like Australia, it’s vital to skip your current closet and choose the highest level of defence available.

  1. It can negate the need for cosmetic or corrective works in years to come

Sunlight is the number one cause of skin aging. Contrary to popular belief, your skin isn’t just damaged by long summer days on the beach; the incidental exposure from walking the dog, driving your car and hanging out the washing is doing its fair share of damage too.

Leaving your skin unprotected can end in several unpleasant and costly aftereffects: having skin cancers cut out, filling wrinkles or lasering crepey skin. The solution is a simple, comfortable and highly effective option to protect your skin from damage that can be far worse than simply cosmetic.

Having simple and practical tools, like a good hat and a pair of arm sleeves on hand to protect you each day is an easy way to set your skin in good stead.

It’s also great to know that a range of UPF clothing options is available to protect the seven most likely sites of melanoma. Items such as gloves, shirts, face shields and leg sleeves are available to support you in reducing cancer risk and maintaining more youthful skin.

  1. It’s more cost-effective than you may think

Australians commonly under-apply sunscreen. Whether it’s not applying liberally enough at the outset, choosing a single-spectrum product, or not topping up at two-hour intervals, we are notorious for half-baking our sun protection.

Depending on how much time you spend in the sun, applying sunscreen as it should be applied can be a costly exercise. Sun protection clothing is a one-off upfront cost and serves you consistently, with no further costs, for the life of the garment. On a price-per-wear basis, that can work out to be significantly less than the cost of a good, broad-spectrum 50+ when worn correctly.

  1. UPF 50+ wear can have an ‘air conditioning’ effect on your skin

Technology has come a long way, and in the case of SParms’ unique sun protective clothing, the combination of an innovative fabric weave and an inbuilt cooling agent means you can expect to feel five degrees cooler while wearing our products. When the temperatures soar, the thought of ‘dropping’ five degrees by simply pulling on an item of clothing is extremely appealing!

If you still crack a sweat, moisture-wicking technology will draw the moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable. The fact that UPF 50+ clothing is appealing to wear is another reason dermatologists love and recommend it!

  1. UPF 50+ wear is designed to fit and protect all shapes, sizes and activities

Sun protection clothing is designed with one goal in mind: to protect you from the sun’s harsh (and very damaging) UVA and UVB rays. For this reason, items like UPF 50+ shirts are constructed with sun-smart features such as collars, high necks, zips, buttons, thumbholes and long sleeves to ensure a good fit and limit any unnecessary exposure.

Unlike your comfy crew neck tee, which can leave much of the neck and chest open to the elements, sun protection clothing offers you the chance to cover as much of your skin as possible.

Quality protection does not come at the cost of comfort or practicality either. The innovative stretch fabrics and range of sizes mean that 98% UVA and UVB protection is available to all shapes and ages and, for those who love action, the streamlined fit of sun protection garments make them the perfect choice when running, cycling, golfing and hiking in the great outdoors.

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