Top tips for lawn bowls with Chloe Stewarts

Top tips for lawn bowls with Chloe Stewarts

Chloe Stewart 


  • 2019 Trans Tasman – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Gold – Fours
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Silver – Triples
  • 2018 US Open – Gold – Singles
  • 2018 US Open – Gold – Pairs
  • 2018 Welsh 10-Nations – Gold – Triples
  • 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations – Silver – Fours
  • 2015 Trans Tasman


  • 2019 Australian Championships – Gold – Singles, Triples
  • 2018 Australian Indoor Championships – Silver
  • 2017 Australian Open – Gold – Fours
  • 2016 Australian Open – Gold – Fours
  • 2014 World Junior Cup – Gold – Singles
  • 2014 Under-18 Female Bowler of the Year

There has been a great interest in Lawn Bowls last few years and with this growing interest SParms has been part of protecting the players from the dangers of sun protection.

We asked Chloe Stewart - Aussie bowls legend in the making for some of her tips!

Top tips for bowls 

  • find a knowledgeable mentor or coach to help fast track your game. Ask plenty of questions when you find someone who has had success, what has helped them get better?
  • Get a solid foundation with your delivery and technique. Can you replicate the same delivery with every bowl? Have a coach watch your delivery or even better video it. 
  • Technique checkpoints... smooth rhythm, always have something to aim at for your grass (the peg/bank or spot on the green), think about weight. 
  • a good saying is “stay down and slow down” in regards to your delivery. This will help with your weight control and rhythm 
  • train more than you play, if you want to be better than the average bowler. Skip the afternoon social game and spend a good 1hour on drills or working on your weaknesses 
  • Most importantly, if you want to get better accept that it won’t happen overnight. Hard work, persistence and determination are needed to make it to the top. Both on and off the green. 
  • Physical fitness off the green helps enormously with mental toughness on the green. 


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