Sun Protection Arm Sleeves: How They Work And Why People Are Loving Them

Sun Protection Arm Sleeves: How They Work And Why People Are Loving Them

It’s high summer, the sun is blistering, and you see someone wearing long sleeves. You grin to yourself as you feel the breeze on your arms; why on earth would anyone wear those?

Well, it turns out sun protection arm sleeves are fast becoming people's favourite defence against skin damage, overheating and giving an edge at competition time, and there’s nothing weird about it.

Haven’t heard much about arm sleeves? Here are 5 compelling reasons people love them so much (and happily ignore anyone giving them a side eye!):

1. Arm protective gear isn’t your normal shirtsleeve.

Protective sleeves for arms are our best-selling product because they solve so many problems in one go. These arm sleeves cover you from upper arm to wrist in UPF50+ fabric that filters out UVA and UVB light. UPF is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and your regular cotton or polyester clothes don’t even come close to protecting you from UV rays at the same level.

With arm sleeves, you don’t have to apply sunscreen underneath, or worry about sunburn or skin damage. You just slip them on under your regular shirt sleeves and go about your day, whether you’re enjoying a day at the park, doing the gardens or marathon cycling.

We know many of our customers love the arm sleeves for their kids, too. It’s so important to protect our little ones from an early age, and arm sleeves are easy to keep in beach bags or the back of the car for any time you’re hitting the great outdoors.

2.    Keep skin looking younger.

You can buy all the anti-aging moisturisers in the world, but prevention is always better than cure! Up to 90% of the visible changes in your skin are caused by photoaging, which is damage caused by UV light at a cellular level.

What can you expect from skin damaged by the sun? How about leather-looking skin, actinic keratosis (precancerous spots), uneven pigmentation, stretched blood vessels, and solar lentigines (you might know these as liver spots).

And, while we might associate freckles with healthy kids in the summertime, freckles are also a dangerous sign of too much damaging sun exposure.

UV-protectant arm sleeves are the simplest, cheapest way to defend yourself and your family against skin damage that leads to premature aging, skin cancer and melanoma.

sun protection sleeves

3.    Stay cooler, play better (and have more fun).

Using sun protection arm sleeves not only keeps 98% of harmful UV radiation at bay, it also helps block the sun’s heat.

We also use high-tech Italian fabric that’s incredibly breathable and lightweight, and has special patented technology to keep your skin cooler. Our arm sleeves actually cool your skin by between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius! That’s a compelling enough reason to wear arm sleeves on a 35 degree day just on its own.

4.    Perform better if you’re a sports nut.

Not only do arm sleeves look trendy, but they also add a special kind of style: confidence. Hundreds of professional athletes wear our arm sleeves, from PGA tour champions to tennis pros and title-holding cyclists.

So, whether you’re in the pro leagues or you just love your Sunday rugby, arm sleeves give you an edge because when you look good and feel like a pro, you play like a pro!

Of course, there’s also the fact that you’ll feel cooler, and the arm sleeve fabric wicks away moisture to help you stay dry, too.

5.    No fuss, no sunscreen and no ongoing costs.

Sun protection arm sleeves slip on without hassle and are perfect for wearing under a short-sleeve shirt (if you have a tank top, you could consider a shoulder wrap, or use a protective base layer shirt instead).

When you’re done, slip them off, give them a wash and hang to dry, ready for another day.

You won’t need to use sunscreen on your skin where you’re covered by sun protective clothing, thankfully – no more greasy hands! – but you will need to use sunscreen everywhere else, especially on your face.

SParms sun sleeves last a long time with a little bit of care, so you won’t need to buy new ones for awhile; definitely not as often as you restock sunscreen or lost hats!

SParms for different sizes

If you’re wondering how to choose the right sun sleeves for you, you can have a look at the measurements on each product. We have sleeves for women, men and kids, and variations like extra length with thumb-holes to cover the backs of your hands too.

Our products have the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval, and they come in a range of fun styles and colours.

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