SParms - Size chart

SParms - Size chart

Sizes Sizes Sizes

This has to be the most frequently asked question and we are here to debunk our size chart to help everyone to better understand their fitting!

As a general rule for sizing the SParms arm sleeve is that you go with your average shirt size. This sizing method generally provides you with an overall idea of what size category you should fall into.

But even with this general rule we are aware many people are in different shapes and sizes (reason for our sizing chart being such a wide variety i.e. junior, extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large) and that this sizing chart(hyperlink) guides you more in depth of what size you should fall into.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged by this information we will help you with a step by step in our sizing chart and how to size better for yourself – also if it doesn’t fit we also have our exchange and returns (hyperlink) policy so you don’t have to worry about it too much!

So key features for our SLEEVES would be

  1. Bicep size (circumference)

It is very simple to find out your bicep size (circumference). Generally speaking, when we say the bicep is the muscle which is in between your elbow and shoulder. Now to figure out the size just simply relax your arm and take the measurement of the largest area with a tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure at home try to look for a string or anything that you can wrap your bicep around mark the length and use your ruler to find out the size (circumference) of your bicep.

  1. Desired fit and feel

Now that you know your measurement next is to determine what kind of fit you are after. Generally, we advise our customers to first figure out the desired tightness of the sleeves. In broad terms it can be separated into three different categories

Light compression
Moderate compression
Tight compression

As someone who may never have worn sleeves before the moderate compression seem to be how most feel ‘tight’ as you may not be used to the tightness of the material however you will still require to have a feel of snugness as ultimately that is what allows the sleeves to hold its place. In addition, the fit will depend on how you wish to use the product.

For example:

John measured his bicep circumference and found out that it is about 34 cm. John would like to use his sleeves for his running, cycling, triathlons, tennis, cricket – activities that involved constant dynamic movement. John is interested in having the protection of UPF 50+ from the sun with moisture wicking and cooling effects as well. As running, cycling, triathlons, tennis, cricket all involve constant repetitive dynamic movement John would like a tight compression to avoid the sleeves from rolling down during his activities, which means he would get the Medium size.

On the other hand, if John prefers his activities which involved less dynamic repetitive movement but rather prolonged activities such as golf, lawn bowling, croquet and still want the sun protection with the cooling component, he would go with the moderate compression of Large size.

If John wished to have the full benefits and maximum protection from the sun for the activities such as gardening, driving, general use – which does not involve any dynamic or repetitive movements he is able to fit into the extra-large size.

Like many people John fits can wear various sizes as most people fall in between sizes. But based on his measurements of 34 cm in bicep width the large size would be the most comfortable and would provide the average compression that would be suitable for almost all activities.


Size will be one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing and wearing SParms sun protection arm sleeves. Arm sleeves should never fall off your arm nor should they feel too tight for the activity for which you plan to wear them. Many sun sleeves only come in a limited number of sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and XL or combine sizes and only offer two size options such as S/M and L/XL. Others just provide one size fits all. This results in wide sizing gaps making it very difficult to get the size that best fits you. Look for sun protection arm sleeves that have wide range of sizing and SParms come in sizes from Junior to 2XL. Wide range of sizing will ensure that you will be able to get the exact size that you need. SParms Sun Protection Arm Sleeves have the most intuitive size and come in seven different sizes from Junior to 2XL.

As a general rule for sizing the SParms arm sleeve is that you go with your average shirt size. This sizing method generally provides you with an overall idea of what size category you should fall into. If that guidance does not work for you, then remember the guide that is helpful to know about your arm (bicep size, desired fit and feel)
As always, if in doubt or if you have any questions, you should call or email customer service before you make a purchase.

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SP arms Team,
This is for information purposes only, always consult your medical professional

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