SParms | For everyday people

SParms | For everyday people

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to wear SParms, because our sun protection apparel is for everyone! Walking, running, driving, gardening, playing sport or even working outdoors, we will have you protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. 

Many of our customers use SParms daily when they are outside. It doesn't have to be sunny for you to get sun burnt. You can still get sun damage when it's overcast day. 

"Light from the sun contains UV radiation which can damage your skin. It’s important to remember that UV can’t be seen or felt, and cloud cover won’t necessarily reduce UV radiation levels. The UV index can be high even on cool and overcast days.

The UV index is a tool you can use to know when to protect yourself from UV radiation. When the UV index is 3 and above, sun protection is always needed. If you have very fair skin and will be in the sun for long periods (more than an hour), you may need protection even if the UV index is below 3." - Australian Melanoma Institute. https://melanoma.org.au/about-melanoma/how-to-prevent-melanoma/



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