Sensational, must-have sun sleeves to cover your arms (perfect for men and women)

Sensational, must-have sun sleeves to cover your arms (perfect for men and women)

As you head outside to enjoy a game of golf or alfresco dining, you might have smeared a little sunscreen on your nose or popped on a hat – but have you thought about sleeves to cover your arms?

We think that a long sleeve shirt is enough to protect us, or that we’re ok because we ‘won’t be outside for long’. But, it actually takes less than 15 minutes for the Australian sun to start damaging our skin. We’re not safe on cloudy days, either.

You might ask, can’t I just use sunscreen?

Yes, and we encourage you to do that! In fact, we have a range of high-quality SPF50+ sunscreens that offer the highest level of sun protection and are made from all-natural ingredients. But, there are drawbacks to relying on sunscreen as your only line of defence. 

For a start, sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day – at least every two hours, more often if you’ve been swimming or surfing. It’s easy to miss spots, too. We’ve all had that moment where we can vividly see all the places on our skin where we forgot to apply sunscreen the day before!

Some sunscreens can also cause skin irritation for certain people, particularly those who suffer from conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. Depending on the brand, it can also be greasy and unpleasant to apply, and it can leave stains on your clothing, too.


Using arm sleeves for sport

Aussie summers are perfect for sports, and there’s nothing better than spending the morning, afternoon, or the entire day shooting hoops or playing cricket with friends. You can quickly and easily pop on arm sleeves to cover your arms, and you’ll be protected until the final siren. The great thing about arm sleeves is they can be worn all day, and there’s no need to stop playing to reapply sunscreen. You can even coordinate your arm sleeves with your team colours, for a cohesive group look.

Our shoulder wrap is a great option for sportspeople because the connected area around the back ensures your sleeves stay in place no matter how rough the game gets. The wrap still providers cover for your arms, as well as your shoulders.

They also help keep you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin and can be quickly machine-washed ready for your next match. Plus, the UPF50+ rating means you’re protected from 98% of the UVA and UVB rays that cause skin cancer.


Cover your arms while gardening

Whether you’ve got a self-sufficient oasis in the backyard or just a few pots of herbs on your apartment balcony, you’re going to be spending time outside tending to your crop. While you’re pulling out weeds and checking soil pH, don’t forget to take care of your skin, too. Our arm sleeves are designed to cover your arms and protect against UV exposure, and you can easily whip them on and off whenever you head outside. 

You might already be in the good habit of wearing long sleeves to cover your arms while gardening, but unfortunately, regular clothing isn’t as protective against the sun as you might think. According to MoleMap, up to 20% of UV rays can penetrate many fabrics, so simply slipping on a long-sleeve cotton shirt isn’t enough.  Cover your arms with UPF50+ arm sleeves instead and block 98% of the UV from hitting your skin.


Set a great example for the kids

As parents, we all want our kids to grow up happy and healthy, and this means setting a good example for them to follow. To ensure the kids take sun protection seriously, show them how it’s done and cover your arms with sleeves when you’re outside playing with them. 

Our arm sleeves with thumbholes are a great choice for parents who are out and about with little ones, because they protect your arms and your hands too. Sunscreen doesn’t last all day, and if you’re constantly wiping grubby little faces, you could be washing off your sun protection in the process. Arm sleeves with thumbholes solve this problem.


Stay safe at the beach

On a hot summer’s day there’s nothing better than heading down to the beach. We can’t stop the sand in your shoes, but we can help you stay sun-safe and covered up with our sun protection base layer shirts

Made with nylon and polyurethane, our shirts are rated UPF50+ by ARPANSA, and offer the additional benefit of patented cooling technology that can reduce your body temperature by up to 5 degrees Celsius – it’s no wonder they are recommended by medical experts to help prevent skin cancer and melanoma.

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