Melanoma March - Let's Donate

Melanoma March - Let's Donate

As a sun safe ambassador, SParms is proud to be supporting Melanoma March by donating 10% from every sale this month to Melanoma March.

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. It's so important we donate and help researchers at the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation and Melanoma Institute find a cure. 

Keen to get involved? 

1. Sign up and march in a physical event. 

2. Take your own steps by doing you own thing and fundraising. 

3. Join the Melanoma March community by donating and sharing your personalised footprint.

4. Simply purchase a set of SParms. As we are donating 10% from every sale this month to Melanoma March.

More information on how to get involved see the link below. 


Want to know more about Melanoma's and the current research that's being done in Australia? 









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