How to protect your arms from the sun during sports

How to protect your arms from the sun during sports

Cricket, football, Formula 1, tennis, soccer or cycling, Australia is a sporting nation that loves our sports. Our remarkable affection for sports is not just for the games we play but for the games, we like to watch. 

Given that Australia has one of the world’s largest number of melanoma cases, we should take sun protection during sports seriously. On a good day, it only takes 15 minutes of sun exposure for someone to become sunburnt. The harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun can also burn on a cloudy day and even in winter.    

UV radiation from the sun absorbed by the skin weakens the genetic material of the skin. Over time, DNA breakup can result in cell mutation which can lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer is invasive. It can grow deep inside the layers of skin and may penetrate the wall of a blood or lymph vessel. It can also spread to other parts of the body.  

It is important that everyone playing sports or watching a game as a spectator take sufficient protection to prevent sunburn. An effective way to protect your skin from the sun is to wear UPF sun protection clothing during sports. UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor) is unique to the fabric.  It refers to the amount of UV radiation a fabric can absorb.   

All types of fabric will have some UPF rating. The important thing to note is the amount of absorption each fabric has. For example, a typical cotton t-shirt has around a UPF5 rating which means a fifth of the sun’s ray can penetrate the skin.  On the other hand, UV protection clothing like SParms is tested and approved by ARPANSA with a UPF50+ rating. This means it can successfully block 98% of both UVA and UVB rays. 

SParms sun protection clothing for sports are designed for maximum comfort. Made of soft, lightweight and breathable fibres, they are easy to wear and do not restrict movement or performance during sport and exercise. 

What sun sleeves will you need for sports?

Sun protection clothing for sports come in many different styles from full body protection wear to shoulder wraps (or shawls) and sleeves. If you are thinking of investing in superior quality sun protective clothing when you are playing sports or exercising outdoors, consider investing in a pair of sun sleeves. In summer, most of us like to wear short sleeves for comfort. Instead of leaving our naked arms exposed to the sun, consider slipping on a pair of sun sleeves. 

Here are some wardrobe essentials for maximum sun protection: 

  1. Cricket sleeves

After years of exposure to harsh and damaging UV rays from the sun, former Australian Cricket Captain, Michael Clarke was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2006. Today, Clarke is passionate about educating children about sun safety in cricket. Cricketers spend long hours exposed to the sun. Exposed arms can be protected by wearing good quality sun protection sleeves. 

  1. Tennis sleeves

Heat, humidity and sweat combined with sunscreen can become a gooey mess that can affect vision and tennis racket grip in tennis players. A better alternative to slapping sunscreen every two hours into your game is to simply wear a pair of lightweight and moisture-wicking sun sleeves. 

  1. Golf sleeves

A typical golf game lasts up to four hours. The best way to protect exposed arms is to wear golf sleeves. Sun protection sleeves are made from lightweight and ultra-cooling with superior moisture management properties making it comfortable to wear around the golf course. 

SParms sun sleeves are worn by top golfers all over the world including Brittany Lincicome, Kerrie Webb, So Yeon Ryu and others. We are the preferred LPGA sun protection. 

  1. Walking sleeves, running sleeves and cycling sleeves

Three out of five activities listed as the top five sport and physical activities in Australia are outdoor according to Sports Australia. Walking, running and cycling. Your sun-safe wear should include a pair of UPF cycling, walking or running sleeves that can be easily slipped into. 

What to look for when buying a pair of sun sleeves

Sun sleeves should be a wardrobe essential for any sporting individual – whether you are a professional, an amateur, a spectator or just someone who loves the outdoors. When shopping for the best sun sleeves consider the following:

  • A good fit

For optimum performance when playing sports, invest in a pair of sleeves that fits well.  SParms sun sleeves for instant are made from Italian patented 90% Meryl microfibre and 10% spandex. Meryl fibre are lighter than silk and feels comfortable on the skin. The addition of spandex allows for maximum stretch to optimise muscle movement.     

  • Cooling

Even if you are just a spectator, you will want maximum comfort from the sun protection clothing you are wearing. Lightweight and quick-drying SParms offer the best cooling system for the body when performing sports.  

  • Compression

Physical exertion during sports can cause muscle aches and pains. A good pair of sun sleeves should offer you maximum support to reduce injury and improve blood circulation.

  • Grip

SParms sun sleeves are designed to prevent slip in extreme movements. Your sun sleeves should be able to stay in place without bunching to prevent movement and performance. 

  • UPF 50+

Ideally, sun protection clothing should have a UPF50+ for maximum protection from the sun. It is ARPANSA recommended and can effectively protect your skin from the sun.

Sun sleeves are high performing sun-safe athletic wear. They are one of the best defences against the sun when you are outdoors. If you have not to try sun sleeves before, now is a good time to start filling up the wardrobe.

Sun safety is what we are about.  Sun sleeves are comfortable, super cooling and easy-to-wear.  Combined with other sun safety measures, they can minimise the risk of sunburns and skin cancer.    

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  • Donna E. Simpson -

    Very helpful information and it was seen by me at the right time. It will be 107 today and tomorrow here in the PHX area. I am fare skinned and always put on Baby SPF 50, but I have seen the SPARMS sleeve protection on another one of our lady golfers on our league and very much want to purchase a pair. Whatcan I expect to pay for a pair and what retailer would give me the best price ?

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