Australian Melanoma Research

Australian Melanoma Research

The AMRF proactively seeks grant submissions from recognised melanoma research organisations across Australia to support researchers and specific research projects.

The AMRF aims to be recognised nationally for its collaborative approach to funding research into the prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer and melanoma.

SParms is proud to be partnering and supporting Melanoma research. 

CEO of Australian Melanoma Research Foundation, Marisa Chilcott had some kind words about the new partnership. 

"Australian Melanoma Research Foundation is focused on funding research, increasing awareness and preventing melanoma. Our partnership with SParms has a natural synergy as both organisations are passionate about ‘saving-your-skin’.

Australian’s love being outdoors and many of us also work and play out in the elements. We can’t shy aware from melanoma being known as Australia’s national cancer because we have the highest incidence rate in the world and our exposure to UV radiation makes us particularly vulnerable.

SParms have created a product that helps protect us from harmful radiation and also look good and feels great to wear. Each small step, wearing the right clothes, using sunscreen and staying in the shade, all helps reduce the risk of melanoma.

It’s a privilege to be partnering with such an exceptional organisation. SParms is also contributing to funding melanoma research which will be the key to making an impact on melanoma statics in the future. Thanks SParms for your support in helping save Australian lives."

You can find out more about donating to the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation through https://www.melanomaresearch.com.au/

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