10 Astonishing Things Sun Sleeves Can Do To Make Your Life Better

10 Astonishing Things Sun Sleeves Can Do To Make Your Life Better

Ventilating, cooling, sports-loving, and perfect for protecting tattoos – did you know the little ol’ sun sleeve could do all that…and more? They’re the simplest way to protect you and the kids from the dangers of the sun, so let’s look at 10 wild things sun sleeves can do every single day. 

  1. They’re suuuuuper stretchy. Sun sleeves are not one-size-fits-all! Our sun sleeves are made from patented Italian fabric that’s extremely stretchy to fit all kinds of arm shapes, and long enough to reach your hands properly (or even cover them, if you choose one with a ‘handy’ thumbhole!). Sun sleeves come in a range of men’s, women’s and children’s sizes so every member of the family can enjoy their time in the sun in maximum comfort and coverage. 
  1. They’re aerodynamic. Sure, wear them while you’re gardening or walking on the beach, but don’t forget these little guys are sports-crazy, too. Our sun sleeves are up for hiking, running, cycling, field sports, tennis, you name it – their lightweight flexibility and ‘barely there’ feel mean are the perfect teammate. In fact, their fitted design means they’re aerodynamic! Golfers including Kari Webb, Brittany Lincicome and Dylan Fratelli choose SParms for their comfort, convenience and peace of mind for long days spent in the heat. 
  1. They’re cool – in every way. Due to an innovative 3D weave, SParms’ fabrics draw away moisture and dry quickly. As a little extra pizzazz, we also added a cooling agent, which makes you feel up to five degrees cooler when wearing them! 
  1. They’re more ventilating than shirtsleeves. If you still find yourself wondering if your favourite long-sleeved tee will do the job, think about how much your armpits will appreciate the extra ventilation on a summer day. Sun sleeves provide better airflow for your ‘pits when paired with a t-shirt, since the air can move up the sleeve.
  1. They’re friendly to the environment. It’s estimated that about 14 tonnes of sunscreen are deposited into the ocean each year, wreaking havoc on fragile coral reef systems.Our sun sleeves are ethically produced with sustainability in mind. Rather than washing away with use or requiring extensive packaging, SParms are designed to withstand countless wears and only need a cool rinse in regular detergent and some fresh air before they’re ready to go hit the sun again.

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  1. They’re a super-shield against the most Melanona-prone area of your body. The forearms are one of the eight most-affected areas of the body when it comes to Melanoma, alongside the back, scalp, palms, soles of feet, legs, fingernails and neck. Our sun sleeves are rated UPF50+, making them a simple solution that means your forearms need never be exposed to damaging UV rays again.
  1. They keep your tattoos fresher, longer. If you’ve invested in wearable art, you’re probably motivated to protect it. Long-term sun exposure is a tattoo’s arch enemy and can lead to ink bleeding, skin scarring or colour fading. Enter sun sleeves - the bodyguard you never knew your tattoos needed.
  1. They’re ready for any weather changes. Shifts in temperature or wind conditions can often leave you in the lurch when it comes to sun protection. In addition to providing a ‘cooling’ action in hot weather, a pair of sun sleeves can act as a handy extra layer of comfort if the degrees begin to drop.  
  1. They’re tiny and oh-so portable. Sun sleeves take up so little room, there’s no excuse to be without them! Kids can store them in school and sports bags for a quick grab, they can be stored in the car for an impromptu time in the sun, and they can even sit comfortably in a large pocket.

  2. They’re the easiest sun protection to apply. Unlike sunscreen, which can leave you exposed to damaging rays if not applied often enough, thick enough or thoroughly enough, sun sleeves are simple to wear and deliver consistent, even coverage wear after wear. Think of putting on sun sleeves just like putting on a sock: pop your fist through the middle and use your other hand to slide the sleeve up to your armpit to give 98% protection against UV rays every time! They can even be applied without taking off your tee, jacket or backpack.


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