SP Face Mask V3

SP V3 face mask was designed with the athlete in mind.

The design is sleek and seamless. With an aerodynamic shape, the V3 face mask is ideal for people playing sport or for daily activities.

The V3 mask does not incorporate copper, but nano silver technology. We have carefully selected high quality non-toxic pro cool performance fabrics to form an excellent protection barrier, while still remaining highly breathable and comfortable.

Recognising that smaller faces need well-fitting face masks, our V3 face mask is available in smaller sizes suitable for toddlers’ young as 2.

Our XXS size is suitable for a toddler, while XS is suitable for young children up to 5 years.

S is appropriate for youth and smaller faced adults.

The V3 range comes in a variety of colours also to ensure that you have a mask for any occasion.


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